Designed to Drive Sales

As a copywriter and content strategist, I design websites to be highly effective content platforms. Google and your target audience are both looking for the same thing: extremely valuable content that’s easy to find, and engaging.

Let me design your buyer’s journey and lead generation funnels.

Mobile First

The sites I build are mobile responsive, and will look great on smart phones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers. They are also fully platform agnostic… I test each site on:
• desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones
• Mac, Windows, Android, ChromeOS and Linux operating systems
• Safari, Edge, Firefox and Chrome browsers

Online Hands-on Training

Your site will be as easy to use as Microsoft Word™. I’ll screencast a series of custom tutorial videos just for you, walking you through the editing and content entry processes of your new website, step-by-step, so you’ll be able to add and update your own content, whenever you like.

Fast Loading

Speed matters. Your visitors decide within seconds whether there’s anything of interest on your website. If the page takes more than a few seconds to load they will just ‘bounce’ back to Google, to try again.

Google also rewards fast sites in their ranking algorithm.



I will install a suite of powerful security tools, and ‘harden’ the software, to keep your website safe from malware and security threats.

Ongoing penetration testing is also available.

Built to Last

I build with WordPress best practices, and carefully comment my code for any future revision requests. I use only high quality plugin extensions, for maximum reliability. And I offer ongoing maintenance options.

I design a comprehensive marketing & conversion strategy
and then build your site to support your sales funnel

Most websites are built based upon the likes and dislikes of the owners, tendered out to one of the lowest bidders. Some mention may have been made about the platform being “SEO-friendly”, so the stakeholders mistakenly believe the site will deliver a steady stream of new buyers. 

There’s typically no marketing or conversion strategy behind these sites at all, and consequently they fail to deliver any return on investment… ever.

Copy should always lead design (the design exists to support the message).

Your sales copy must be “findable”, and prospective buyers need to
be guided through a lead generation / sales process

The Process

I would like to begin your new website with a discovery process. It’s important for me to understand your business, desired outcomes and ideal customer. I then move to the wireframing / prototyping stage of the design, mapping out your site’s flow and sales funnel strategy. When we’ve established how we’re going to attract qualified buyers to your site, and our conversion strategy for turning visitors into customers, I create mood boards and design layouts for approval.


When we’re agreed on exactly what we’re building, I begin the development phase. After all the menus and shell pages have been created, we’ll take a navigation walk-through, and then I can begin copywriting, and populating the pages with content. Following the launch, it’s time to begin marketing your site, rolling out our SEO and content marketing strategy, to attract potential buyers to your site and engage them in your sales funnel.

Let’s talk about your project

Thanks for taking the time to write me an email. Please let me know a bit about your project and what you’re hoping I can do for you.