Vancouver WordPress Web Developer

I’ve been creating websites since February of 1997, as lead developer of Whitewolf Design & Digital Marketing, with over 320 successful projects. Most of the sites have been custom designs.

Why WordPress? When Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little released WordPress in May of 2003, I was developing sites in Adobe Flash/ColdFusion or Joomla. I began adding WordPress blogs to my client websites, to fascilitate fresh dynamic content, but it was the June 2010 release of WordPress 3.0 that was the game changer.

WordPress quickly became the go to content management system for content creators and marketers, and today roughly 25% of the world’s websites run on it. From simple resume pages, to large secure e-commerce stores, or robust multi-site installations, WordPress is extremely stable and secure (when backups and software updates are made regularly), and it has a light learning curve, for in-house content edits and additions.

Why Me? Unlike the majority of web designers and developers, who typically outsource the entire project to the lowest offshore bidder, I will actually hand build your entire website. There are thousands of ways to build out a WordPress site, and I don’t believe a generic training solution is right for most custom websites. So I’ll include a set of custom-screencast tutorial videos made from your website. I will personally walk you through each procedure step-by-step.

I won’t abandon you. All WordPress websites need a webmaster, and I am available for hire to provide webmaster services on an ongoing basis, write web copy for you and assist you with your online marketing. (Copywriting is my forte.) Some developers build ’em and leave ’em… I don’t.

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